Program Information

MBSR Ottawa offers the following program. Please see relevant sections of the web site for more information.

1) MBSR 8 Week Program

You will learn:

1.  How to reduce and relate to stress;

2.  Methods to improve your ability to concentrate and think clearly;

3.  To deal with difficulties in your life with balance and awareness;

4.  To participate in your own wellness and health;

5.  To cultivate your natural capacity to care for yourself and find greater ease and peace of mind.

2) mPEAK – Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness and Knowledge


3) MBSR Teacher Training Practicum

The process for becoming an MBSR instructor is outlined here.


• Completion of 8 week or intensive MBSR course as a participant
• Participation in at least one silent, teacher-led, 5-10 day mindfulness meditation retreat
• Daily meditation practice for a least one year

Learning Objectives:

  1. Experience MBSR from the perspective of a participant, as well as from the perspective of an observer intending to teach MBSR;
  2. Deepen one’s own mindfulness practice;
  3. Learn the content, processes and form of the 8-week curriculum;
  4. Develop knowledge in background of MBSR and mindfulness generally, research that supports MBSR outcomes and basic neuroscience in relation to mindfulness;
  5. Learn the skills necessary to lead basic yoga poses in a safe manner, and the other meditations including body scan , awareness of breath and choiceless awareness;
  6. Learn about the pitfalls of mindfulness as a technique vs. mindfulness as ‘the presence of heart’;
  7. Develop the skills necessary to facilitate the different components of MBSR (guided mindfulness practices, group processing and didactic material) in small groups or dyads, and receive feedback;
  8. Learn basic mindfulness approaches for working with people with different needs (like depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain)

 4) Mindfulness-Based Training for Professionals

Custom training courses for your staff or standard courses – $1,200 per day plus GST/HST