Practicum in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Practicum Objectives

  • Learn the foundations and principles of MBSR.
  • Understand the theory and science behind MBSR.
  • Understand MBSR and other mindfulness-based interventions.
  • Develop concrete skills in offering MBSR.
  • Reflect on your experience of taking the MBSR program and how this might inform your teaching.
  • Understand the themes, teaching components and flow of the program

Practicum Prerequisites

  • Completion of an eight-week MBSR course as a participant.  The 5 day MBSR portion of the 9 Day Practicum  can now count toward this prerequisite. Note: If you do not have a live 8 Week MBSR class in your area, you can explore various online options.
  • Participation in one or more 5-10 day silent, teacher led mindfulness meditation retreats.
  • Regular daily mindfulness meditation practice.