Meditation Retreats

Intensive silent teacher-led meditation retreats are central in one’s development as an MBSR teacher. Combined with a daily practice, participation in silent retreats will deepen one’s practice and understanding.

Retreats are an important part of your development as an instructor. We are often asked what qualifies as a suitable retreat for undertaking the teacher training path. Most often people undertake retreats at Buddhist centers and the practices at such retreats do correspond closely with those in MBSR. Practices offered at retreats within other spiritual traditions are also applicable and we respect the practices contained within all traditions.

Although we value many other contemplative traditions as ways to enrich, enhance, supplement, and strengthen your ability to teach MBSR, only those retreats that are silent, teacher-led, residential and emphasize mindfulness meditation practice will qualify as fulfilling the requirement for participation in MBSR training. 

Steven Hick, with MBSR Ottawa, is also a recognized retreat teacher. Other applicable retreats are offered at :

True North Insight , Ontario/Quebec, Canada

Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA, USA

Spirit Rock, Woodacre, CA, USA

This short list is by no means complete. There are dozens of appropriate retreat options.