MBSR Teacher Qualification

MBSR Ottawa (Canada) Teacher Training Path (2014)

Phase 1: Prerequisites for Practicum
• Completion of 8 week MBSR course or equivalent as a participant. The 5 day intensive format is also acceptable if it includes at least 55 hours of instruction. Online versions may be acceptable as determined by MBSR Canada. The course located at www.mbsrtraining.com is acceptable.
• Participation in at least one silent, teacher-led, 5-10 day mindfulness meditation retreat within the last three years.
• Daily meditation practice for a least one year.

Phase 2: Ongoing Training
• Practicum in MBSR (9 day or 8 week version)
• Preliminary teaching experience (short classes and workshops)
• Ongoing relevant personal and professional education and training; regular mindfulness meditation and retreat practice; and yoga and other body-awareness practice

Phase 3: Developing Teaching Skills
• Engage in mentoring process which involves co-teaching and supervision with a designated mentoring teacher for 2 MBSR course offerings with a minimum of 22 hours of supervision (alternatively the Teacher Development Intensive course could be completed with 11 hours of supervision)
• Review of Teaching Portfolio including the following:

  • video of your teaching of week 5 or 6,
  • participants manual/course outline,
  • home practice recordings, including Guided Body Scan Meditation (40-45 minutes), Lying Down Yoga (40-45 minutes), Guided Sitting Meditation (choiceless awareness) (40-45 minutes) and Standing Yoga (40-45 minutes)
  • completion of a 2nd silent, teacher-led, 5-10 day mindfulness meditation retreat.

Phase 4: Receive Teacher Qualification

• By successfully completing Phase 3 you will have the minimum qualifications to teach the complete MBSR course to the general public on your own. MBSR Ottawa will issue a letter of completion.