MBSR Instructor Training

MBSR Ottawa specializes in providing state-of-the-art training for MBSR instructors. We have been training Canadian MBSR instructors since 2008. We offer introductory, intensive and ongoing MBSR training programs available locally or at a distance. The process for becoming an MBSR instructor is outlined here. If your organization is interested in offering MBSR teacher training to its staff or within the broader community please contact Steven. Steven has offered programs in Ontario, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Alberta.

Upcoming Courses

None at this time.  

Facilitator:  Steven Hick, Ph.D.

Who should attend: Enrollment for the 8 week course is open to the public. Registration for the practicum is by application and is intended for those wanting to become instructors.

The Practicum is part of a larger process of teacher training as outlined here.

MBSR Ottawa offers teacher training for MBSR instructors throughout Canada. We would be pleased to work with your organization to arrange a teacher training program for your staff.