MBSR Ottawa

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MBSR Ottawa specializes in providing state-of-the-art training for MBSR instructors and offering the regular 8 week program in the local community. In 2006, MBSR Ottawa began offering the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – 8 week regular program. Due to an unmet demand for affordable and accessible MBSR teacher training in Canada, MBSR Ottawa undertook to build teacher training programs in Canada.

We have been training Canadian MBSR instructors since 2008. We offer introductory, intensive and ongoing MBSR training programs available locally or at a distance. The process for becoming an MBSR instructor is outlined here. If your organization is interested in offering MBSR teacher training to its staff or within the broader community please contact Steven. Steven has offered programs in Ontario Manitoba, Newfoundland and Alberta.

We are also available to provide workshops on mindfulness for professionals in healthcare, education and other human services interested in learning how to develop and run a mindfulness program or how to apply mindfulness in their professional practice or worksplace.

Most programs are led by Dr. Steven Hick, PhD

At the peak of his career, former social work professor and founder of War Child Canada, Steven Hick dove into the mindfulness full-time in 2005. He has completed all the required training and supervision to be certified by the Center for Mindfulsteven-hick240x360ness at the University of Massachusetts. He has since founded the Ottawa Insight Meditation Community and now teaches insight meditation with an emphasis on reducing the stress in our daily life (eg. at True North Insight). He is Director of MBSR Ottawa where he established MBSR teacher training in Ontario, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Alberta. Steven is the author of numerous books including Mindfulness and Social Work and Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship.  He holds a PhD in social work, and is a father and activist. Steven has been practicing meditation and yoga since 1979.



Mindfulness-Based Training for Professionals

Custom training courses for your staff or standard courses on:

mindfulness and self-care for professional

mindfulness and the helping relationship

mindfulness and community work

mindfulness and social change